5 Ways A Digital HR Transformation Can Help Your Company

5 Ways A Digital HR Transformation Can Help Your Company

With every passing year it seems that there are better, faster innovations in technology, and it’s getting harder for traditional companies to keep up without changing some of their core processes. Human resources is one of the backbones of any company, and while switching to a digitalized platform may seem daunting, here are several ways that an upgrade to your HR department can assist in the efficiency of your business.


1. Keep track of all your employees remotely. Manual timesheets are a thing of the past. With new HR technology, your employees can take their own attendance which aggregates into an online database. Some platforms, like Herd HR for example, will even provide facial recognition features so there’s no need to worry about any mistakes. Employees can clock-in directly from our app, and managers will have easy-to-view access to all their timesheets on the web.


2. Manage payrolls more effectively. With a digital HR platform, you can eliminate the cost and risk of payroll errors. Smart systems like ours can also offer you automated calculations for EPF, Socso, EIS and PCB tax deductions. And once your employees’ pay is due, a simple tap is all it takes to generate bank file submissions to a wide range of well-known banks.


3. Store and view everything in one place. It has never been easier to access important employee information whenever you need it. In Herd HR, for example, managers and employees alike can view their date of hire, confirmation status, leave applications and more, all at a glance. All relevant documents and records can be immediately updated so that they reflect the most recent and accurate information.


4. Simplify processes for your employees. Say goodbye to lost time spent manually clocking-in, calculating wages, and updating payroll information. A digitalised HR system will not only automate all these processes for you, but it will also allow your company to function more efficiently as a whole. Your human resources can focus more on the wellbeing of your employees, and your employees can focus on more important tasks at hand. Herd HR has created a structured and powerful workflow built specifically to make tracking personal information, job details, benefits, training, paid time off and more HR-related aspects a much easier task than it sounds.


5. Obtain invaluable insights with analytics. Now that all the information for your company’s labour expenses, overtime hours and vacation days are on a digital platform, it’s much easier and faster for you to get detailed reports and make better decisions for your business. Herd HR is one of the systems that has this useful feature, so you can make that next annual performance review a breeze with our platform.


Now that you know the incredible benefits of switching your human resources to a digitalized platform for a more effective and efficient business, it’s important to make sure you choose the platform that’s right for you. Herd HR prides ourselves in developing software products that address the pain points of different businesses. Speak to us today about how our personalised HR system can help you.


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