Why is HRMS Software Essential for HR in Covid-19 Era

Why is HRMS Software Essential for HR in Covid-19 Era

As the world navigates the second wave of COVID-19 infections, industries are trying to stay afloat and focus on the future and progress. The struggle amplifies for Human Resources (HR) that aims to respond to the crisis, keep the hires engaged, and create hiring campaigns.

Humans are an unrivaled element of any business process, including a well-thought and carried out recruitment. Yet, the pandemic hardly allows recruiting managers to dedicate themselves to all actions equally, maintain the best results, and excellent employee and candidate experiences. It is where technology finds its place by supporting HR departments.

A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a specialized and centralized HR software that supports and enables various Human Resources functions. As an advanced platform, it helps HR teams to adapt to a COVID-19 era workplace and obstacles. These are the top four reasons why HRMS software is essential for HR in a post-pandemic world.



Remote work is here to stay, and that means an increase in data collection. Most companies weren’t ready for the aftermath of COVID-19, including no clear teleworking policies. They had to abruptly manage fully remote teams, their activities, and working hours. At the same time, they had to handle routine tasks, such as paperwork and administrative tasks.

HRMS software takes you forward by taking care of these assignments, regardless of if you’re recruiting, managing, training, or compensating your hires. Thanks to its intuitive algorithm, HRMS keeps track of all employee information, performance, and staff management. By doing so, the software saves you time and automates the processes.



Herd’s HRMS is cloud-based, which means that all your information and data are easy to reach, available in one central place. With easily accessible information, you can quickly find out any employee date of hire, their availability for leave, and whether they’re confirmed personnel.

Not having to spend time seeking old records and tracking physical files means that HRMS is also mixed-workplace friendly. A comprehensive software such as Herd’s HRMS allows you to administer shifts of employees working from the office or different external locations. As such, you can check their work hours and attendance rates with ease.



Although the pandemic is triggering an abundance of work, you will find that Herd’s HRMS has a structured workflow that makes it easy to track personal information, job details, and training. That can help you to monitor the company’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI), determine personnel effectiveness and create an annual performance review.

Being able to reduce monotonous processes is crucial during COVID-19. That allows recruiters to focus on other pandemic-related goals, such as reviewing their policies and practices to check whether they meet the new demands and reality.



Adaption is one of the main pandemic challenges, and companies are learning that efficiency might not be enough. Businesses need to ensure that they can bounce back after historical and unprecedented global setbacks. The companies that can quickly adapt to the new realm are those that will endure.

Herd’s HRMS allows companies to transit to COVID-19 requirements, such as remote work, without affecting employee management and other HR processes. As the software that lets businesses acquire resilience and adjust to unforeseen events, HRMS is essential for HR in the COVID-19 era.


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