Eliminate the manual labour of attendance capturing. Accumulate hours that flow seamlessly into payroll with a few intuitive buttons.

Time Tracking Made Easy For You
Herd time and attendance module takes away manual attendance capturing and checking. Employees take their attendance from our app or let the manager do it for them on the web. In order to generate accurate payroll and stop time
theft, you need to have the right people at the right place at the right time. Find out who's in, how long they've been at work and where they’re at. Take time tracking to the next level with Herd.
On The Spot Decision Making
Herd gives you a seamless interface of your employee’s timesheet. Easily acknowledge or decline a timesheet in a matter of seconds. Get detailed and insightful reports of your labour expenses, track overtime hours and vacation days. We get that every attendance record determines sensitive matter like payroll. With Herd, information sent directly from our time and attendance module removes costly payroll and roster oversights. Spend less time on payroll calculations and more time with your people.
Employee And Manager Friendly
Herd targets companies looking to improve efficiency and productivity. At Herd, we eliminate the amount of time you spent shuffling through punch cards to manually calculate wages. With our clear-cut web based display of employees work hours, days and more, it’s time for you to get things done with a few clicks. Count on us to make your attendance tracking better and smarter than before.

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