Stay informed, updated and safely gain access to your employees’ documents that’s available in one centralised place and easily accessible.

Everything You Need In One Place
Stop running back to old and inaccurate data. Whether you’re recruiting, managing, training, rewarding or compensating your employees, Herd drives you forward. We keep track of your employee information, performance and all aspects of personnel management. Experience intuitiveness that helps you better manage and focus on your employees – easily.
Stay Relevant. Stay Up To Date.
Herd lets you find out in seconds your employee date of hire, whether he’s a confirmed staff or his availability for leave. Every business relies on its human capital – it’s people. No more spending valuable time tracing back physical files to look for an old record. With a cloud-based software like Herd, all your employees’ documents and records are available in one central place where information is accurate and easily accessible. Turn exhausting HR tasks into something so simple with just a few clicks.
Focus On Your People, Not Paper
We’ve come up with a structured and powerful workflow built specifically to make tracking personal information, job details, benefits, training, paid time off and much more, a solution that works for your business. Whether it’s sourcing for a current employee record for an annual performance review, you don’t have to go through the monotonous process to find out anymore. You can be assured that with Herd, HR tasks are easily accomplished and effortless on your part.

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