With web-enabled and employee self-service, requesting vacation and leave requests become a breeze when everyone’s in sync.

Employee Self-Service
Empower your employees to take control of the way they manage their time in the workplace. We get that the paperwork accumulated from leave is not an easy procedure to handle, even for SMEs. Herd leave module enables employees to request for leave, MC, off or vacation request in a straightforward and efficient manner. Managers get notified instantly and reply back to requests in a matter of seconds.
Put The Privilege In Your Employees Hands
Herd leave module integrates itself with attendance and roster to ensure seamless online processing of requests and approval for leave, MC, off or vacation requests. The amount of time dedicated to constant checking and coordination for leave, MC, off or vacation requests result in time restrictions. Now you can significantly streamline all your leave-related procedures in ways you couldn’t before by eliminating paperwork and speeding up the leave process. On top of that, your employees are able to apply for the different types of leave, such as childcare leave, maternity leave, unpaid leave and so on, with ease. Watch them love you for it.
Save Time. Take Control.
With employee self-service and instant manager approval, you’ll always know who’s working today. Leave management can be tedious and worrisome if not handled properly. Herd allows managers to help an employee submit a leave request on his behalf. Our leave module makes it easy to identify when an employee is on leave. It allows managers to take control of their people and have knowledge of their existing manpower.

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