Create the flawless schedule every time and have a distinct view of everyone’s schedules. Increase workforce efficiency for your business with Herd.

Stay On The Same Page – Anytime, Anywhere
Manpower is the essence of the roster. Roster managers only have one goal when it comes to rostering and that’s to fill up shifts for the entire month. Free yourself from endless and time-consuming spreadsheets and whiteboards we both know need to go. Herd roster module helps you build intuitive and organised schedules that would have taken days into hours. Assign shifts and build schedules that both employees and you are in the loop of whose available and the number of open shifts required for replacement.
Built For The Way You Work
Rostering has never been this easy (seriously). Herd makes it simple for managers to schedule their employees. Easily filter between different locations, update a shift, leave, or apply an off or rest day for your employees. You can also ‘Schedule Copy for Roster’ so you don’t have to build from scratch. Employees get notified once the roster is published including any changes with text or push notifications. Managers get alerts if employees haven’t clocked into an assigned shift. Yes, it’s supposed to be this easy.
No More Painful Miscommunications
Herd gives employees the flexibility to change shifts suited to their convenience and managers only have to approve. What happens when an employee doesn’t turn up for his shift? The biggest fear and frustration roster managers face is not knowing who and when their staff are available. It’s time to eliminate the confusion and stress of understaffing. Our roster module gives you a transparent view of who’s supposed to work today. This way, you never have to spend time worrying about your employees anymore.

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